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A One Day Workshop on the Koftgari method of Gold Inlay and Appliqué

The Georgian method of Gold Inlay taught by
Aleko Agdgomelashvili
has been organized by the “Gotscha Lagidse” Restoration Workshop and the Guild of Belgian Blacksmiths.
Deze invitatie in het vlaams

This will be a one-day workshop held in Antwerp on April 13, 14 and 15, 2018, starting each day at 10 AM and finishing about 6 PM, with a break for lunch midday. The lunch will be served on the premises and its cost included in the workshop fee. Coffee and tea will be available throughout the day.

Alexandre (Aleko) Agdgomelashvili will instruct a maximum of 12 participants each day. Aleko will be speaking in Georgian with translation to French and Flemish by Gotscha Lagidse and Seerp Visser.

inlaid knife

The inlay and appliqué work will be practiced on steel strips using silver wire. The special fine chisels for cutting grooves to receive the inlay will also be provided, and will be available for purchase from Aleko after the workshop.

The participants only need to bring a small hammer, a good light source (i.e. a table lamp), and a magnifying lens or goldsmith&rsquot;s visor. Further information of the needed materials will be sent to those who subscribe for the workshop.

Lunch will be provided as part of the program and coffee and tea will be available throughout the day.

Please register by sending an email to
Seerp Visser at
or calling him at +32 486 10 93 79.
There is a Facebook event that you can use to mark your calendar.

The cost of the workshop is 200 € (discounted to 150 € for members of the Smedersgilde) and can be paid by transfer to
Seerp Visser, account IBAN: BE56 3770 1643 6988
With a message “Gold inlay workshop ⟨your name⟩”.

In your email please indicate the day that you would prefer to attend, other days that you could attend, and any of the three days that you cannot attend. The twelve participants for each day will be selected to fill the schedule according to the date and time your subscription letter is received. Once your payment is confirmed you will be informed of which day you are scheduled for. If it is not possible to schedule your attendance your payment will be refunded in full. inlaid sword

Since the publication of the workshop by Atelier Gotscha Lagidse on their Facebook page many internationally known blacksmiths, especially makers of knives and swords, have already registered. These early registrations include Peter Johnson, a famous sword-smith from Sweden, and Achim Wirtz of Germany, who taught at our Damast course in 2015.

Note that neither the sponsoring organizations nor the workshop personnel accept any responsibility for accidents or damage done during the workshop.